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My name is Ewen!

I am a filmmaker, author and writer of the Weekly Reflections newsletter, from Sydney, Australia.

Film: Śūnyatā

Logline: In her small apartment, a woman receives an unusual visit from the man she claims to miss.

Śūnyatā poster of Woman and Man 
                        hugging each other blended together
The Flow of All Things book cover

Book: The Flow of All Things

About: The Flow of All Things is a book about the life journey of an individual who suffered from anxiety and depression, only to learn from those experiences, grow, inspire others and avert a war.

Play: The Infinite Faces of Man

About: The Infinite Faces of Man is a 1-person play with various characters coming into conflict with one another due to their different world views.

Cover page of 'The Infinite Faces of Man' stage play
Cover page of 'The Fallacy of Improvement' essay

Essay: The Fallacy of Improvement

About: The Fallacy of Improvement is an essay that digs into whether or not one can improve and if not, what one can do about it.

Japanese wind chime image from Ewen's film Śūnyatā
a colorful flow field

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Newsletter: Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflections is my free, end-of-the-week newsletter where I share reflections on life, people and myself, straight to your inbox.

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Śūnyatā Banner Credenza
Lit candle still shot from Śūnyatā