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I am a filmmaker, author and writer of the Weekly Reflections newsletter from Sydney, Australia, but above all, I just am.

As a filmmaker, I produce my own feature films. My first feature film, Śūnyatā, is about a woman in her small apartment receiving an unusual visit from the man she claims to miss. I have many other film projects in the works.

As an author, I have written a 606-page book, The Flow of All things, which is about the life journey of an individual who suffered from anxiety and depression, only to learn from those experiences, grow, inspire others and avert a war. Read the opening pages of the book for free via ewenmunro.com/the-flow-of-all-things.

And my Weekly Reflections newsletter is my free, end-of-the-week newsletter where I share reflections on life, people and myself, straight to your inbox.

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